Rabat (Morocco)

A City’s good practice towards the elimination of discrimination

In 2010, the administrative capital of Morocco started the process of developing the Municipal Development Plan to ensure equal treatment in the provision of its services. In order to draft an implementable strategy, the City of Rabat first identified its major problems, such as employment, basic amenities and accessibility to everybody, access to land and decent housing conditions, mobility and transport, the reduction of poverty and poor housing, the cultural and architectural heritage and habitat destruction threats, green spaces, tourism and leisure activities, coaching associations and urban inclusion.

Following this assessment, the City consulted with service providers in order to identify how the needs and expectations of the population could be met. The Municipal Development Plan is a result of this action as well as a commitment for the City’s future work. The new inclusive Municipal Plan will help the City Council implement its commitment to equality through concrete actions. The plan identifies priorities and provides a framework for the elaboration of responses in the priority areas.

City Information
Rabat has a population of approximately 650,000 (as of 2010). It is the capital and third largest city of the Kingdom of Morocco. Rabat maintains important textile, food processing and construction industries. In addition, tourism and the presence of all foreign embassies in Morocco serve to make Rabat one of the most important cities in the country.

Rabat is a member of the Coalition of African Cities against Racism and Discrimination.

For more information, please visit: www.mairiederabat.com (website mainly in French)

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