Toulouse (France)


A City’s good practice towards the elimination of discrimination

In collaboration with the City of Toulouse and the Council of Toulouse Residents, the International Week of Peoples for the inhabitants of the City of Toulouse was organised from 2 to 6 November 2010. This practice was intended to question the status of foreigners in France and Toulouse, with special focus on people who feel increasingly discriminated.

The main ideas of the International Week of Peoples are to promote mutual understanding, improve rights of foreigners, reduce intolerance and provide the citizens effective information on the issue. The project combines lectures, debates, round tables in addition to  film screenings and photo exhibitions on the theme of discrimination.

The International Week brings together national and international researchers, lawyers, heads of associations and individuals in civil society. In 2010, more than 500 people participated in the International Week of Peoples of the City of Toulouse. The project is an effective way to promote cultural diversity and offer information on the issue of discrimination.

City Information
Toulouse is the fourth largest city in France. The population of the city proper was 437,715 at the 1 Jan. 2006 census, with 1,102,882 inhabitants in the metropolitan at the 1 Jan. 2006 census. Fuelled by booming aerospace and high-tech industries, population growth was of 1.5% a year in the metropolitan area in the 1990s, and a record 1.98% a year in the 2000s.

Toulouse has been a member of the European Coalition of Cities against Racism since June 2008.

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