Brazil - Ranyelle, EDISCA

My father, who couldn’t find a job because of his low level of education and training, was forced to move to another state in Brazil, leaving my mother, my sister and I alone.

I suffered a lot from my father’s absence even though I knew it was an opportunity for him after years of unemployment. Staying alone with my mother and sister in a violent neighbourhood like Bom Jardim is a constant risk.

The risk is all around every day, when I leave home at 5:30 to go to my school located on the other side of the city. Through EDISCA’s scholarship programme, I was selected three years ago to pursue my studies in one of Fortaleza’s best private schools. Since then, I have been doing all I can to overcome the new academic challenges of my school as well as to adapt myself to the new social reality of the school which is different from mine. Upon my arrival at the new school, I won a local writing contest with an essay about the lives of the young people in my community. As one of the three top students of my school, I was invited to join the special preparatory class for students willing to prepare the medical school entrance exam!

I plan to study social medicine. In 15 years –university alone will take 10 years to complete! – I see myself becoming involved with communities in need. I’m looking forward to it and it’s exciting to imagine all the changes it will bring for my parents who will no longer have to be separated to meet our family’s needs.

17 years old
Four years at EDISCA

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