Liberia – Sports centre for former child soldiers

This special project was launched in 2005 and aims to re-integrate Liberian former child soldiers into society through sport activities, channelling their aggression in a positive direction, preparing them for a return into their community.

The French NGO “Athletes of the World” (ADM) works in close cooperation with the local NGO Women and Children Rehabilitation Resource Centre (WOCHIRRC), which has built a centre thanks to UNESCO financial support. This centre - together with sports activities implemented by ADM - provides education, counselling and vocational skills training for children and youths in carpentry, tailoring, light mechanics, agriculture, upholstery and music. The main challenge for this project is to use sport as a therapy and psychological treatment for ex-child soldiers and young victims of war so that they can become models within their community, ambassadors of the values they have learned through sport (solidarity, respect, teamwork, fairness, etc.).

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