Namibia – Early childhood education and care in the San Communities

This project, monitored by UNESCO, seeks to build on the Namibian government’s work for the San minority, promoting early childhood development, sensitizing communities as to the value of education.

Soon after independence, the Government of the Republic of Namibia began granting minority San communities special attention. Land distribution was key to reducing language and cultural barriers with the rest of society, particularly in the Ohangwena Region. Nurseries have been set up as well as a support system for the basic needs of small children. This focus on early childhood education enables San contact with other language groups and peoples in the project area. UNESCO’s work for the San communities in Namibia is actively supported both financially and in the media by the large German corporation, Henkel, and by the world boxing champions, the Klitschko brothers.

Official site of the Klitschko brothers

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