Senegal – HOPE ‘87

This project in Dakar and in the impoverished suburb of Baraka, is carried out by HOPE’87.

The renovation of the “École des Parcelles Assainies Unité 10-A Dakar” was the first phase of this project, with classrooms modernised, a new roof and an entrance door for maximum security put in place. The reconstruction of four classes of the “École Maternelle des Parcelles Assainies Unité 24 B” was then implemented, turning a primary school into one of the biggest of the suburban districts of Dakar, creating a pilot project for efficient cooperation between donor agencies, the education department and local stakeholders. All in all, more than 1000 pupils are going to benefit from these two school reconstructions.

Furthermore, income generating activities for young people, particularly for young women, were enhanced in the shantytown of Baraka with the production of batik, small trade in foodstuffs, milling, chicken breeding, preparing and selling snacks, etc. Young people now have the potential to take their socio-economic future into their own hands. They only needed confidence, guidance and a little start-up capital!

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