China – Education for Migrant Children

This project aims to provide education for low-income, migrant children suffering from poverty and discrimination.

During the 90s, China underwent rapid modernization, industrialization and urbanization. Large numbers of labourers from rural areas poured into the country’s cities, forming the biggest unsettled population in Chinese history. Children from these low-income migrant families are particularly disadvantaged and vulnerable, encountering poverty and discrimination, as well suffering low quality education. These migrant children quickly get trapped in a detrimental and negative cycle with no exposure to culture, educational activities, or adult interaction except through limited schooling. This project believes that schooling is the main condition for successful integration into urban society. It focuses, therefore, on three main issues: the integration of migrant children into public schools, the support of migrant private schools (which have become necessary to make up for shortfalls in the mainstream system) and the improvement of children’s home studying environments by strengthening relations between family and community.

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