Projects by Region - Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Argentina – Hogares Don Bosco
    The Hogares Don Bosco were set up in 1985 to protect and care for street and working children in Buenos Aires, as well as provide formal and non-formal education.
  • Bolivia - Foundation Arco Iris
    The Foundation Arco Iris is working with about 1000 children and teenagers, to assist in the reintegration of young school dropouts into society.
  • Bolivia - NGO Enda Tiers Monde
    The NGO Enda Tiers Monde in El Alto, near La Paz, offers street children a space of their own where they can further their education, regain strength, confidence and self-esteem.
  • Brazil - Edisca
    Edisca was founded in 1992 by the Brazilian prima ballerina, Dora Andrade. It uses the discipline of ballet and dance as a means to get street and slum children away from drugs, prostitution and violence and focus their attention on improving their lives.
  • Brazil - Making Room
    A UNESCO-supported project called ‘Making Room’ came into being in 2000 to open up schools and institutes during the weekend for children who have little or no access to education.
  • Brazil - The Rocinha Orchestra
    UNESCO, with funds collected in Germany, helped create an orchestra of 120 children to encourage deprived Brazilian children to grow through music.
  • Colombia – Rehabilitation and training for children with disabilities
    This programme provides rehabilitation and vocational training for children with disabilities between the ages of 12-16 years old.
  • El Salvador – Various projects
    Various projects in El Salvador work to assist orphaned children, giving them a chance to benefit from a secure educational environment.
  • Guatemala – Mojoca Shelter
    The NGO Mojoca has created a shelter to welcome and accommodate pregnant young girls who live on the streets, some even with babies.
  • Mexico - Fundación Renacimiento and Machincuepa Circo Social
    Two NGOs work hand in hand with UNESCO to bring education to the poorest and most vulnerable children of Mexico City. They are the Fundación Renacimiento and Machincuepa Circo Social.
  • Mexico - JUCONI Foundation for street children
    The JUCONI Foundation for street children was set up in the town of Puebla, Mexico, several years ago.
  • Mexico projects – Centro CIDES and El Caracol
    Various other projects in Mexico are working to help children on the streets.

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