Bolivia - Foundation Arco Iris

The Foundation Arco Iris is working with about 1000 children and teenagers, to assist in the reintegration of young school dropouts into society.

Unemployment, extreme poverty and political instability have taken a considerable toll on rural Bolivian families. They are often compelled to migrate to the country’s cities where children quickly fall away from their families. They suffer from malnutrition, drug abuse and sexual exploitation. They sleep on the streets which directly affects their health and dignity.

The Foundation Arco Iris has a long experience in the reintegration of young dropouts. It has at its disposal a full range of therapies to help the most endangered children, thanks to adapted and hands-on practices. It offers small grants for professional apprenticeships, group discussions and recreational activities. Teachers, psychologists and social workers are available on a regular basis for reading and counting lessons, recommendations about health and behaviour, as well as advice on how to stop alcohol or drug addiction. For the young subjected to violence at home, a nursery has been opened. The Foundation is at present working with approximately one thousand children and teenagers.

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