Guatemala – Mojoca Shelter

The NGO Mojoca has created a shelter to welcome and accommodate pregnant young girls who live on the streets, some even with babies.

The number of assaults and murders of young girls, as well as cases of child abuse, drugs trafficking and acts of violence of all kinds committed on minors has dramatically increased in the main towns and suburban areas of Guatemala. After a series of tragic events involving young mothers, and in order to avoid new deaths and disappearances, the NGO Mojoca decided to set up a shelter that would welcome and accommodate pregnant young girls. Many of these girls live on the streets, some even with babies, but without sufficient experience to cope alone, others are threatened by their own families, others still suffer from serious health problems and mental disorders.

The new, self-managed shelter will allow residents to learn how to take care of themselves, run a house and budget, avoid drug addiction and take care of their children. Basic principles of education will also be imparted. While the young mothers are following group activities, a nursery will take care of the little ones. Every week, an evaluation will allow the mothers to check the progress they have made and help them get prepared for an autonomous life. As a start, around fifteen girls plus their babies are in the shelter. Mojoca also has up to 250 children in its other programmes.

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