Mexico - JUCONI Foundation for street children

The JUCONI Foundation for street children was set up in the town of Puebla, Mexico, several years ago.

It was one of the first of UNESCO’s partners in Latin America and one of the first to develop an innovative methodology for the training of street educators. JUCONI’s results and experience have since helped street children projects the world over, in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.

In its support and partnership with street children projects, UNESCO keeps open the possibility that children can be reintegrated into mainstream education, making sure there is no trauma of failure or rejection. Many projects supported by UNESCO prove that the transition from project to mainstream school is not only possible, but can be successful. This is certainly the case for the Santa Clara home for street children run by the IBISS Association on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, the Schools of Hope in Saigon Vietnam and the Palace of the Poor in Lima, Peru.

JUCONI website


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