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Lauren Child for UNESCO: Appeal for stories for “My Life is a Story II”

The second phase of the Campaign “My Life is a Story” has been recently launched by Lauren Child. The Campaign has been initiated by the British children’s author and illustrator in 2008 in the framework of her partnership with UNESCO’s Programme for the Education of Children in Need and her publisher Hachette Children’s Books. Its purpose is to give children all over the world the opportunity to tell the story of their life through writing, drawing and photography.

Whereas the first phase of this Campaign called upon children who have benefitted from projects supported by UNESCO’s Programme for the Education of Children in Need to tell the world what it feels like to be them, the second phase is inviting children from the United Kingdom to tell their life stories. In this way, the children from very different backgrounds are to become aware of their common destiny.

Similarly to phase one, a broad range of partners throughout the United Kingdom such as bookshops, schools, museums and theatres will carry this second appeal for stories. This UK-wide mobilisation will culminate in an exhibition of the best stories, drawings and photos to be organised in April 2010 at the Art House Gallery at Cathedral Primary School in London.

Stories will also be posted on the website especially dedicated to this Campaign www.mylifeisastory.org.

Download the appeal for stories [PDF, 430 KB]

For more information please contact: Kornelia Guse, k.guse(at)unesco.org 

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