19.04.2010 - UNESCO Social and Human Sciences

UNESCO and FC Barcelona “Put Racism Offside” at the Camp Nou Stadium

On 24 March 2010, UNESCO and FC Barcelona marked the beginning of their joint Campaign against racism and discrimination with a series of activities alongside the game between FC Barcelona and C.A. Osasuna at the Camp Nou Stadium in Barcelona (Spain).

Up until one hour until kick-off, a large message board set up at a strategic spot outside the stadium invited fans to express their thoughts and feelings relating to discrimination and racism. In a symbolic gesture, the players of the 1984/85 champion team who received a tribute on the same day, left their own messages adding their voices to those of the fans. 

Before the game, the stadium speaker made several announcements on the campaign and its objectives. The campaign’s main slogan “PUT RACISM OFFSIDE” was projected on the giant screens of the stadium as well as on the billboards around the football field. Moreover, an article about the Campaign was included in the official newspaper of FCB “Barça Camp Nou” which was distributed freely inside and outside the stadium. 

The Campaign, launched to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (21 March), foresees many more activities to be conducted throughout the year 2010. 

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