Palestinian Women’s Research and Documentation Centre

The Palestinian Women’s Research and Documentation Centre (PWRDC) was established in Ramallah in January 2006, in collaboration with the Palestinian Ministry of Women’s Affairs.

The PWRDC serves as an observatory and clearinghouse on information related to women’s issues in the Palestinian Territories. The principal functions of the Centre are to:  

  • collect and house various research data and documentation produced on the status and condition of Palestinian women;
  • commission research and produce policy briefs;
  • analyze and disseminate information on the status and condition of women to local women’s organizations, policy makers, legislative and municipal bodies and other relevant partners;
  • promote initiatives that create a better understanding of the human rights of women and gender equality, including the enhancement of women’s political participation;
  • support networking and the sharing of information on women across the Arab region and globally;
  • facilitate capacity-building, networking and empowerment for women’s organizations especially related to information management.

Research carried out by the Centre so far includes action-oriented research that addresses the unique situation of women and girls in Palestine. Research commissioned and generated by the Centre is used to highlight the difficulties faced by Palestinian women as they assert their rights and demand a more active role in society at all levels.

Key publications include:

  • Palestinian Women’s Empowerment: An Assessment
  • Women and Poverty in the Palestinian Authority: A Review of the Literature
  • Education under Occupation : Listening to Girls’ Stories
  • Needs Assessment of Young Women in Three Refugee Camps
  • Fact Sheets on Violence Against Young Women
  • The Role of Palestinian Policewomen in Combating Violence Against Women

The Centre has also been engaged in a range of training programmes on action research and policy-oriented research. These training courses aim at building research capacity amongst government officials, NGOs and other members of civil society in order to broaden and deepen the research base on women’s rights in Palestine. In 2008 a Youth Research Award was created to encourage and train young researchers to adopt a gender perspective in their work. After intensive training and consultation, eight young researchers submitted research papers which will be published by the Centre. Outreach and training is also provided by individuals within the Palestinian Ministry of Women’s Affairs and other Palestinian Authority ministries.

The PWRDC also supports a library with a collection of materials on a broad range of gender issues, with a special focus on the situation of Palestinian women. The library currently holds thousands of books in Arabic and English. In addition to the library, the Centre documents the situation of Palestinian women through oral history projects, interviews, books and fact sheets.

Contact information:

Zahira Kamal, Director of PWRDC
Tel.: +970 2 242 6468
Fax: +970 2 242 6469
E-mail: info(at) / z.kamal(at)

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