UN Security Council Resolution 1325: Women as Active Agents in Peace and Security

In 2000 the United Nation’s Security Council recognized not only the particular effect conflict had on women but the need to include them as active stakeholders in conflict prevention and resolution. The Security Council passed Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security (SCR 1325) emphasizing the need to:

  • Incorporate gender sensitivity and include women in approaches on security and peace-building especially those affected by the conflict.
  • Sensitize peacekeepers, the police and judiciary on gender issues in conflict and adopt measures to ensure the protection and adherence to the human rights of women and girls.
  • Ensure that the special needs of women and girls in conflicts are attended to.
  • Support an increased role for women as military observers, civilian police, humanitarian and human rights observers.
  • Have women represented from communities who have experienced armed conflict to have their voices heard in conflict resolution processes and be a part of all decision-making levels as an equal partner for conflict resolution, prevention and sustainable peace.

To implement the resolution, Member States need to develop and then execute national action plans (NAPs). To date, only 21 out of 192 UN Member States have done so.

Below is a short time line highlighting some of the major declarations and legal documents that have resulted in the passing of SCR 1325 and International Declarations and Legal Documents before SCR 1325:

Security Council Resolutions Reinforcing SCR 1325:

Relevant Documents

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