Globalization and Women's Rights

We encourage an enhancement of women's civil, political, and social rights of citizenship, and engagement in transnational solidarity to promote women’s human rights across the globe.

Globalization is a multi-dimensional process of economic, political, cultural, and ideological change. It has had a mixed impact on women’s rights. On the one hand, it has led to increasing violations of women’s economic, political, and cultural rights in large measure due to the withering away of the welfarist/developmentalist state, the feminization of poverty, the expansion of religious fundamentalisms, and new forms of militarism and conflict. It has been noted by many international women’s organizations, for example, that the new trade agreements contravene the spirit and often the letter of international conventions on human rights, labour rights, and women’s rights. On the other hand, aspects of globalization have provided women with increasing opportunities to work in solidarity at national, regional, and international levels to demand their rights.

Our objective is to advance and share knowledge about the gendered aspects of globalization and help promote mechanisms that strengthen the positive aspects and consequences of globalization, especially with respect to women’s human rights and gender equality.

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