11.01.2011 - UNESCO Social and Human Sciences

UNESCO supports the elimination of sexual and gender-based violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) continues to experience the ramifications of conflict through the impact on its citizens. Women especially are victims of gross human rights violations in the country. They are the primary target of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV).

Determined to eliminate sexual violence in the country and incorporate indigenous approaches, UNESCO organised a 3 day workshop on “Sociocultural Approaches to Combating Sexual and Gender-Based Violence” in Kinshasa, from 9 to 11 December 2010.

Organised with the support of UNESCO’s Research and Documentation Centre for Women, based in Kinshasa, representatives from different religious denominations, traditional leaders and social science experts were invited to discuss root causes of sexual violence and local resources (like the media, artists, traditional leaders) to combat it.

From the workshop:

  • Socio-cultural messages and activities to prevent violence against women were identified.
  • Outreach strategies to relay these messages and implement the activities were developed.
  • The network to disseminate the messages and collaborate on activities as well as future steps were identified.
  • Stakeholders who will implement the socio-cultural approaches agreed upon were identified.
  • The methods to disseminate information on women’s rights and violations – especially sexual violence – were determined (i.e. sensitization or training modules, theatre, music, banners etc.).

Download the report of the workshop [PDF in French, 280 KB]

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