The General History of Latin America

The General History of Latin America is a far-reaching intellectual project developed by UNESCO to provide the international academic community with the first history of the region written from a truly universal perspective.

The may be seen as a comprehensive scientific work giving a picture of ideas and civilizations, societies and institutions covering the development of Latin American societies from the pre-Columbian era to the twentieth century.

This 9-volume project is the fruit of the work of some 240 historians and experts, directed by an International Scientific Committee consisting of prominent researchers and scholars from all over the world.

Read the volumes:

  • The Indigenous Societies
  • Early Contact and the Creation of New Societies
  • Consolidation of the Colonial Order
  • American Processes Towards Colonial Redefinition
  • The Structural Crisis in Societies
  • The Construction of the Latin American Nations
  • National Latin American Projects: Instruments and Articulation (1870-1930)
  • Latin America Since 1930
  • Theory and Methodology in the History of Latin America
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