General History of Africa - Volume III - Africa from the Seventh to the Eleventh Century

Vol. III: Table of Contents

Volume III of the UNESCO General History of Africa covers the history of Africa from the seventh to the eleventh century.

Two movements to have major and lasting cultural, political and economic significance on the Continent’s history are covered by this period: the increasing influence of Islam and its dissemination and interaction with traditional African culture in northern and western regions, and the Bantu expansion in the south.

The book first places Africa in the context of world history at the opening of the seventh century before examining the general impact of Islamic penetration; the continuing expansion of the Bantu-speaking peoples; and the growth of civilizations in the Sudanic zones of West Africa.

Detailed chapters follow discussing the successive Islamic dynasties of North Africa and their wider contacts; the Horn of Africa; the East African coast and interior; Central Africa; Southern Africa; and Madagascar’s internal development and international contacts. Three concluding chapters trace the African Diaspora in Asia; examine international relations and the spread of technology and ideas within Africa; and assess the overall impact of the period on African history.

Each chapter is illustrated with black and white photographs, maps and figures. The text is fully annotated and there is an extensive bibliography of works relating to the period.

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