Former Members of COMEST

Ruben Apressyan, Russian Federation
is a philosopher and Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, Moscow Lomonosov State University. He is the Head of the sector of Ethics at the Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences.

Pilar Armanet Armanet, Chile
Journalist. Director of Higher Education, Ministry of Education. Former President of the National Council for Television. Professor of International Relations at the University of Chile.

Mohamed Bennouna, Morocco
Jurist. Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of Morocco to the United Nations.

Xiao-Ya Chen, People’s Republic of China
is President of Shanghai Institute of Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Science. A member of the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World (TWAS) since 2008, he is a renowned scientist in plant secondary metabolism, plant-insect interactions and cotton biology.

Somsak Chunharas, Thailand
Medical Doctor, Secretary-General of Thai National Health Foundation and Director of the Thai Programme on Bioethics and Advanced Medical Research.

Hubert Curien, France

Midge Decter, United States of America
Author and editor. Member of the board of trustees of the Heritage Foundation, the board of Security Policy, Institute on Religion and Public Life, Philadelphia Society and is chairperson of the Clare Booth Luce Fundation.

Jun Fudano, Japan
Director of the Applied Ethics Center for Engineering and Science at Kanazawa Institute of Technology (KIT). Professor of the History of Science and Technology and of Science and Engineering Ethics at KIT.

Cheick Modibo Diarra, Mali
Aeronautical engineer. Director of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA.

Jens Erik Fenstad, Norway
Professor of Mathematical Logic at the University of Oslo and Member of the NATO Science Committee, Mr Fenstad is former President of the International Union of History and Philosophy of Science, and former Chairman of the Standing Committee for the Physical and Engineering Sciences of the European Science Foundation.

Vigdís Finnbogadottir, Iceland

Diego Gracia, Spain
Director of the Institute of Bioethics of the Foundation for the Health Sciences in Madrid. Appointed Member of the Royal National Academy of Medicine of Spain. Fellow of the National Academy of Medicine of Chile.

Robert P. George, United States of America

Johan Hattingh, South Africa
Rapporteur of COMEST, is a Professor of Philosophy specializing in different areas of applied ethics. He is Head of the Unit for Environmental Ethics at the University of Stellenbosch.

Ágnes Heller, Hungary

Sergey Petrovich Kapitza, Russian Federation

Kim Hwan-suk, Republic of Korea
is a Professor of Sociology at Kookmin University in Seoul. He is currently Dean of the College of Social Science of Kookmin University.

James Peter Kimmins, Canada
Professor of Forest Ecology at the University of British Columbia.

Pavel Kratochvil, Czech Republic
Professor of Macromolecular Chemistry at the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

Ulrich Heinz Jurgen Körtner, Austria
Doctor in Theology, professor at the University of Vienna and head of the Institute of Ethics and Law in Medicine, member of the Bioethics Commission of the Federal Chancellor of Austria.

Lu Yongxiang, China
Professor of Engineering Sciences and President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Wataru Mori, Japan

Suzanne Mubarak, Egypt
Educational sociologist. First Lady of Egypt and founder and Chairperson of the Egyptian Society for Childhood and Development.

Jaroslova Moserová, Czech Republic

Yoichiro Paul Murakami, Japan

Barry Ninham, Australia

Thomas R. Odhiambo, Kenya

Luiz Hildebrando Pereira da Silva, Brazil
Visiting scientist at the CNPq- Centro de Pesquisa em Medicina Tropical, Porto Velho, Rondônia, Brazil. 

Alain Pompidou, France
former President of COMEST, is a Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Cochin - Port-Royal, Paris (France), a member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts and President of the French Academy of Technology. He has been Advisor to the Prime Minister, to the Minister of Research and Higher Education and to the Minister of Health, and, as a Member of the European Parliament (1989-99) chaired the Parliamentary Office for Scientific and Technological Options Assessment.

Song Sang-yong, Republic of Korea
Former President of the Korean Bioethics Association and Vice-President of the Asian Bioethics Association since 2002. Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Hanyang University.

José Sarukhán, Mexico

Dagmar Schipanski, Germany

Lord Selborne, John Roundell Palmer, United Kingdom

Leila Seth, India
Jurist. The first woman to be appointed as a Judge of the Delhi High Court. Chairperson of the Multiple Action Research Group and of the Executive Committee of the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative and Member of the Population Foundation of India.

Tan Sri Datuk Dr Haji Omar Abdul Rahman, Malaysia
is President of the Malaysia University of Science and Technology. He was Science Adviser in the Prime Minister’s department from 1984 to 2001.

Nadja Tollemache, New Zealand
is a former Council Member of the Auckland University of Technology and of its Ethics Committee. She is Chair of the Health Research Council of New Zealand Ethics Committee.

Xu Zhihong, China
Professor of Life Sciences, Mr. Xu is also president of Peking University and member of the Chinese Academy of Science and of the Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS).

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