On 24 September 2008, the Egyptian musical evening presented a concert by the Chamber Orchestra El Nour Wal Amal (Light & Hope) of young visually handicapped women musicians. It took place at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris as part of the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The El Nour Wal Amal Association is one of the most well known NGOs in Egypt. Created in 1954, it was the first centre in the Middle East dedicated to education and professional training of sightless girls.

The Music Institute of the Association was created in 1961 by Dr Samha El Kholy, former President of the Academy of Arts. The Chamber Orchestra for Egyptian sightless girls was founded as the Institute’s most important project.

This orchestra is the only one in the world composed of young women musicians performing both Western classical and oriental music. Over the years, they developed special techniques and methods allowing them to play musical instruments without reading the notes in Braille or seeing the conductor’s baton.

The Chamber orchestra performed 19 times abroad and visited 16 countries over the world.

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