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2012 UNESCO/Bilbao Prize for the Promotion of a Culture of Human Rights - Call for nominations

2012 UNESCO/Bilbao Prize

Awarded to Stéphane Hessel (France) in 2008 and to Asma Jahangir (Pakistan) in 2010, the UNESCO/Bilbao Prize for the Promotion of a Culture of Human Rights will be awarded for the third time in 2012.

Governments of Member States are invited to submit nominations, in consultation with their National Commissions. Non-governmental organizations in official partnership with UNESCO, especially those concerned with human rights, are also invited to submit nominations.

Established in 2008 thanks to a generous endowment from the City of Bilbao (Autonomous Community of the Basque Country, Spain), the aim of the Prize is to recognize outstanding contributions made by organizations and individuals to the cause of human rights through their committed actions and leadership role in the areas of education, research and awareness-raising. The Prize encourages innovative initiatives serving to promote a culture of human rights and peace as an antidote to violence, discrimination and intolerance.

The 2012 laureate will be selected by the International Jury during its meeting in Bilbao in September 2012. Following the recommendation of the Jury, the Director-General of UNESCO will nominate the laureate on 16 November 2012.

The winner receives a diploma, a trophy and a monetary award. The award ceremony will be held at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris on Human Rights Day, Monday 10 December 2012.

Deadline for submissions: 10 September 2012

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