31.01.2012 - ODG

Irina Bokova places teaching about the Holocaust at the heart of peace-building

© UNESCO/Landry Rukingamubiri

As part of events organized by UNESCO in the framework of the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of Holocaust Victims, UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova is participating in the opening of the conference on the international dimensions of Holocaust education.

This conference, held in UNESCO on 31 January, brings together researchers and historians from all over the world and presents an opportunity to highlight the universal scope of genocide, including in places far away from the scenes of the crime.

"Transmitting the memory of the Holocaust is a vital part of the struggle to combat ignorance and prejudice through education in humanist values, the sharing of cultures and knowledge of history," said Irina Bokova "UNESCO promotes teaching about the history of the Holocaust because only a solid understanding of the context (...) can allow us to better prevent, as well as heal," said the Director-General, "this is how knowledge contributes to the emergence of a culture of peace."

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