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Launch of the book "Femmes, droit de la famille et système judiciaire en Algérie, au Maroc et en Tunisie"


A new book entitled "Femmes, droit de la famille et système judiciaire en Algérie, au Maroc et en Tunisie" ("Women, Family Law and Judicial Systems in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia") has just been published jointly by UNESCO and the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), in French and Arabic. It examines women’s access to the legal profession in the three countries concerned, with a state of the art study on the position of women in the legal and judicial professions and of family laws and their effects on women.

The book stems from research on women, family law and the legal system in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, which was carried out with the objectives of enhancing knowledge in this domain, of providing a better understanding of the laws relative to personal status, and of evaluation of the situation of gender equality in the legal system. The research should highlight real problems and obstacles in gender equality in order to make recommendations to policy-makers on strategies and actions for overcoming these obstacles. The three issues of women, family law and the legal system are intrinsically connected and also tied to fundamental conceptions of citizenship and the rule of law.

The new knowledge and analysis provided by the results of the research should lead to political changes favourable to the promotion of women’s rights and of gender equality, and will enable capacity building within States in order to better respond to women’s needs and to support greater social transformations.

This research offers an insight into similarities and differences within the region, and permits a better understanding of the current situation in all three countries, including the obstacles to gender equality in family law and to women’s participation in the legal system.

The book is available online, via the UNESDOC catalogue, in French [PDF, 1.3 MB] and Arabic [PDF, 1.3 MB].

To request copies of the book please send an e-mail to:
Souria Saad-Zoy, s.saad-zoy(at)unesco.org
Published under the direction of  Souria Saad-Zoy, Programme Specialist in Social and Human Sciences, UNESCO Office in Rabat.

With the collaboration of Inés Echave-Sustaeta and Nora Etxaniz.

Algeria : Boutheina Cheriet
Morocco : Fouzia Rhissassi et Khalid Berjaoui
Tunisia : Monia Ammar

Lawne Printers, Rabat, Maroc
207 pages, UNESCO 2010
ISBN 9-789232-041623

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