17.09.2010 - UNESCO Social and Human Sciences

Mobilizing Cities in Switzerland for the Struggle against Racism and Discrimination

On 24 September, the city of Lausanne (Switzerland) will host a national conference to promote UNESCO’s European Coalition of Cities against Racism (ECCAR), in Switzerland.

Jointly organized by Lausanne through its municipal office for the integration of immigrants and the Swiss Federal Commission against Racism (EKR), the meeting aims at strengthening the presence of ECCAR in Switzerland by putting in contact existing ECCAR member cities with those that wish to start working on this issue. Several member cities will thus share their experiences and present activities conducted within the context of the implementation of ECCAR’s Ten-Point Plan of Action. Together with Lausanne, who has joined ECCAR in 2005, the cities of Bern, Geneva, Winterthour and Zurich are already active members of the network.

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