Migration, Free Movement and Regional Integration

Cities Welcoming Refugees and Migrants. Enhancing effective urban governance in an age of migration

Migration and Climate Change
A UNESCO publication on one of the greatest challenges facing our time

Migrating Alone. Unaccompanied and Separated Children’s Migration to Europe
The essays that make up this book tackle the question of child migration from legal, sociological and anthropological angles, examining the situation in both countries of origin and receiving countries.
Order the book / Download PDF version [1.3 MB]

Democracy and Human Rights in Multicultural Societies
This volume examines the political governance of cultural diversity, specifically how public policy-making has dealt with the claims for cultural recognition.

Migration Without Borders. Essays on the Free Movement of People
What would happen if border controls were to be suppressed and people granted the right to move freely throughout the world?



MOST Discussion Papers on Migration and Multicultural Societies (1994-2002)


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