10.02.2012 - Social and Human Sciences Sector

Radio 1812: migrants’ rights are human rights

© Radio 1812

Radio 1812 is an initiative launched by the NGO “December 18” in 2006. This global event brings together migrant groups and radios from all over the world to produce, broadcast and share programmes celebrating the achievements and highlighting the concerns of migrants worldwide.

UNESCO has worked closely with December 18, particularly within the Steering Committee of the Global Campaign for the Ratification of the Convention on Migrant Workers’ Rights. UNESCO has long been engaged in the support to this instrument of international law, which is only ratified by 45 states. UNESCO published the only available book on this issue Migration and Human Rights (UNESCO & Cambridge UP, 2009).

UNESCO has also provided support to December 18 to promoting International Migrants' Day (IMD) as an opportunity to celebrate the contributions made by migrant as well as to highlight their plight.

The NGO “December 18” promotes the protection of the rights of migrants worldwide. The main guiding principle of December 18 is that migrants’ rights are human rights.

By giving a voice to migrants worldwide, radio 1812 supports their inclusion in societies and the recognition of their role and place in receiving states. This is an essential step in achieving the respect for their human rights and their full participation in the societies in which they live and work.

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