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Social and Human Sciences at UNESCO: Special Issue 2001-2010 with SHSviews n°27

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SHSviews’ first issue of 2010 has just been published in English, French and Spanish, and will also be available in Russian. Covering the news from January-March 2010, SHSviews 27 is accompanied by a special issue covering the strategy of UNESCO’s Social and Human Sciences programme for 2001-2011 and looks back over the main results obtained during the past decade.

In the table of contents of the special issue 2001-2010:

2 / UNESCO’s social and human sciences strategy for 2010-2011

3 / Three questions for… Pierre Sané

5 / The ethical challenges of climate change

8 / The Youth Challenge

9 / Strengthening the social research-policy nexus

10 / Promoting human rights and empowering women

12 / SHS: 10 years of action in pictures

CENTRAL POSTER / The UNESCO network in Social and Human Sciences

In the table of content of SHSviews 27:

Ethics of Science

  • Bioethics Committees networked in Mexico
  • The IBC will continue research on human cloning
  • Assisting Bioethics Committees: Priority for Africa in 2010
  • Towards a Bioethics Committee in Kenya
  • Patricio Bernal : “Climate change has become an issue for society”
  • 2009 Avicenna Prize awarded to a Chinese specialist in bioethics

Human Rights

  • Arab-African migration: talking frankly in Cairo
  • Somalia: the “Greater Horn Horizon” offers prospects for ending the crisis
  • Poverty and human rights: decision-making tools
  • A collection of books to eradicate poverty using a human rights based approach
  • Two humanists share the 2009 Madanjeet Singh Prize
  • Gala for the Education of Children in Need
  • The right to education: handing the floor to young people
  • World Philosophy Day 2009: several thousand participants in 35 countries
  • First Assembly of the International Network of Women Philosophers
  • Advocacy in Indonesia for more inclusive societies
  • Relaunch of the African Coalition against Racism
  • Latin America fuels the debate
  • The European Coalition changes course

Social Transformations

  • Meeting in Rio for cities with a human face
  • Shanghai 2010 : An international exhibition on “Better City, Better Life”
  • “Africities” welcomes the MOST Programme
  • Argentina at the head of the MOST Programme
  • Increase in Funds to Fight against Doping
  • Social development: a regional framework for East Africa
  • Social development: Third South-Asian Forum of Ministers
  • Youth at the heart of the 1st Forum of Ministers of the Caribbean


  • Teaching Philosophy: a UNESCO collection to understand regional challenges
  • “Knowledge” and “legitimacy” on the front page of the ISSJ

Last minute

  • Preview of Invictus at UNESCO Headquarters
  • Towards worldwide monitoring of youth initiatives
  • The World Youth Conference in Mexico City

Other events relating to UNESCO’s Social and Human Sciences Programme in April 2010

  • 13-14 April: 1st Projovem Young Exhibition, Brasilia, Brazil.
  • 19-20 April: Regional Experts consultation meeting on the advisability of preparing a Declaration of ethical principles in relation to climate change, Yerevan, Armenia.
  • 22-23 April: Regional Experts consultation meeting on the advisability of preparing a Declaration of ethical principles in relation to climate change, Yokohama, Japan.
  • 26-27 April: Regional Experts consultation meeting on the advisability of preparing a Declaration of ethical principles in relation to climate change, Auckland, New-Zealand.

Just published 

Ética ambiental y políticas internacionales
Colección Ética
Edited by Henk A. M. J. ten Have
978-92-3-304039-7, 238 p.
Also available in English and French
For sale at UNESCO Publishing

Nation-states and the challenges of regional integration in West Africa. The case of Nigeria
Edited by Yomi Akinyeye
978-2-8111-0338-5, 256 p
For sale at Éditions Karthala

World Philosophy Day: Philosophy in the Dialogue of Cultures, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, November 16-19, 2009 - UNESCO-sponsored programmes and publications
Corporate authors: Russian Academy of Sciences. Institute of Philosophy; Russian Federation. National Commission for UNESCO; Russian Federation. Permanent Delegation to UNESCO
DVD: Multilingual English, French, Russian

Программа этического образования. Раздел 1: учебный план
Russian version of Bioethics core curriculum, section 1: Syllabus Ethics Education Programme
SHS/EST/EEP/2008/PI/1 (Rev. only in Eng). Will soon be available in Hebrew
Also available in French, Spanish, Arabic

Durkheim and violence
International Social Science Journal Monograph Series
Edited by S. Romi Mukherjee
978-1-4443-3275-9, 204 p
For sale at Wiley/Blackwell


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SHS e-News 49 / April 2010

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