Management of Social Transformations (MOST) Programme

Burkina Faso © Flickr / European Commission

MOST is UNESCO’s intergovernmental science programme on social transformations.

MOST works with governments, social and human science communities and civil societies to improve connections between knowledge and action, connections that are one key to positive social change.

Within the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, MOST contributes to development and the eradication of poverty, as well as to the achievement of UNESCO’s Global Priorities: Africa and Gender Equality. Read more ...


Publications in focus ...

Social Science and Policy Challenges

Social protection in conflict and conflict-affected Arab countries: key challenges and policy recommendations
Key Challenges and Policy Recommendations
by Ghada Barsoum and Nada Kassem
MOST Policy Papers N°1

also available in Arabic

High school perceptions of the social sciences in Beirut: a pilot study
by Muneira Hoballah
Contributing Authors: Farah al-Souri Khalil Makari, Lama Ghanem and Rima Majed MOST Discussion Papers N°2

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