International Forum on the Social Science – Policy Nexus (IFSP) - Programme

Download the Programme [PDF, 1.6 MB]

Note on programme information

The workshop details follow strictly the format chosen by the respective organizers, with the exception of the indicative translations of the title.
Many workshops ran over several half-day sessions. This is indicated after the title in each section of the programme by, e.g., "(1/2)" for the first session of a two-session workshop. Where the speaker list was available only for the workshop as a whole and not for each individual session, this is indicated in the first session (ex. 1/2+2/2).

Interpretation was provided in most Forum events. To check which languages were available, please refer to the indication immediately after the event location. “E” stands for interpretation to English, “F” for interpretation to French, and “S” for interpretation to Spanish.

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