International Network of Women Philosophers sponsored by UNESCO

This is the website of the International Network of Women Philosophers, an information portal available to women philosophers throughout the world and to other friends of philosophy.


This information portal has been designed for the members of the Network, for women philosophers themselves, as well as for their friends, independent of gender or discipline.

Its aim is to be useful and informative, but, above all, to create genuine links within the philosophical community at national, regional and international levels. It ails to provide you with full information regarding the Network, its founding members, its objectives, its structure. It also contains a directory of women philosophers working in different countries throughout the world and who now number more than 1200. We are very happy that they are the first users of this website.

It is now then up to you to takes possession of this website, to enrich it, to share it, and to make it your own, with the constant objective of working in favour of the practice of philosophy by women.

The International Network of Women Philosophers sponsored by UNESCO is your own network. It belongs to you just as the future of philosophy belongs to you.

We invite you to use this website to help make the primary mission that UNESCO’s Constitution exhorts us to engage in, that of intellectual and moral solidarity, into a tangible reality!

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