Bureau of the Intergovernmental Council

The IGC Bureau consists of the President of the IGC, 6 Vice-Presidents (one from each region) and a Rapporteur.

For the current period 2017-2019, the MOST IGC Bureau is composed as follows:

President: Malaysia


  • France
  • Argentina
  • Ethiopia
  • Saudi Arabia

Rapporteur: Slovakia

The MOST Intergovernmental Council (IGC) is composed of 35 Member States of UNESCO, elected by the General Conference. The Council convenes every two years and establishes the priority areas to be researched, decides on overall policy and funding questions, and handles the relations with governmental authorities.

The IGC Bureau, in cooperation with the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC), discusses the issue-driven pertinence of projects and approves the competence and expertise of researchers and policy formulators involved.

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