MOST Intergovernmental Council (IGC) 2009: “Implementing the Research-Policy Nexus”

UNESCO, Paris - Room IV
28-30 September 2009

Draft Agenda and time-table
SHS-09/CONF.203/01 English | Français | Español

Report by the Intergovernmental Council on the Activities of the MOST Programme - Phase II (2008-2009)
(General Conference Version)
35 C/REP/17 English | Français | Español

Report of the Secretariat on the Activities of the MOST Programme during the 2008-2009 Biennium (34 C/5)
(Long Version)
SHS-09/CONF.203/2b English | Français | Español

List of Publications - MOST Phase II
SHS-09/CONF.203/2c English

Statutes of the MOST Intergovernmental Council and the MOST Scientific Steering Committee
SHS-09/CONF.203/3 English | Français | Español

Rules of Procedure for the Intergovernmental Council of the MOST Programme
SHS-09/CONF.203/4 English | Français | Español

34 C/4 Draft Medium-Term Strategy of UNESCO (2008-2013), Strategic Programme Objective 7 (SPO 7)
SHS-09/CONF.203/5 English | Français | Español

35 C/5 Draft Programme and Budget of UNESCO (2010-2011)

  • Biennial Sectoral Priority 1: Responding to critical global social challenges
    SHS-09/CONF.203/6a English | Français | Español
  • Main Line of Action 2: Enhancing research/policy linkages in the field of social development and the management of social transformations
    SHS-09/CONF.203/6b English | Français | Español
  • Powerpoint presentation
    SHS-09/CONF.203/6c English | Français | Español

Joint Statement of the Chairpersons of the Six Intergovernmental/International Scientific Programmes to the Director-General and the 34th session of the General Conference
SHS-09/CONF.203/7 English | Français | Español

Draft Guidelines for MOST National Committees
SHS-09/CONF.203/8a English | Français | Español

Evaluation Report of the MOST National Liaison Committees 2005/06
SHS-09/CONF.203/8b English | Français | Español

MOST Policy Research Tool 2009: Project Summary, Status and Outline of Future Steps
SHS-09/CONF.203/9a English | Français | Español

MOST Online Policy Research Tool. General Presentation
SHS-09/CONF.203/9b English | Français | Español

Concept Paper 'National and International Responses to the Crisis'
SHS-09/CONF.203/10 English | Français | Español

Draft Outline on MOST-Phase 2 Midterm Review
SHS-09/CONF.203/11 English | Français | Español

Theoretical Reflection on the Research-Policy Nexus
SHS-09/CONF.203/12 English | Français | Español

Bibliography on Research-Policy Link(age)s, July 2007
SHS-09/CONF.203/13 English

List of Documents
SHS-09/CONF.203/14 English | Français | Español

Provisional List of Participants

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