MOST Intergovernmental Council (IGC) 2013 - 11th Session

UNESCO Headquarters, Paris - Room XI, Fontenoy Building
27-28 March 2013

The Intergovernmental Council of the Management of Social Transformations (MOST) Programme comprises 35 Member States, met, together with observer States and other stakeholders (e.g. International Social Science Council (ISSC) and United Nations partners) for a two-day meeting to assess the implementation of the two thematic priorities of MOST – Social Inclusion and Social Transformations arising from Global Environmental Change – and discuss the way forward to advance this agenda.

The 11th Session of the IGC of MOST was presideded by its President, H.E. Alicia Kirchner, Minister of Social Development, Argentina.

It assessed the implementation of the decisions adopted at the 10th Session endorsed by the 186th Session of UNESCO's Executive Board and General Conference, and discussed how to move the programme forward to respond to the decisions in the most optimal way.

Participants were informed about activities and actions taken within social inclusion and social transformations arising from global environmental change, how the Programme has contributed to public policies informed by research. They discussed issues such as how to improve the working methods of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) of the Programme.

At the last day the IGC adopted decisions for the Programme.


  • Agenda
    SHS-2013/CONF.201/1 English / French / Spanish
  • Report of the Secretariat on the activities of the MOST Programme - Phase II (2012-2013)
    SHS-2013/CONF.201/2 English / French / Spanish
  • MOST Intergovernmental Council; Consultation: Contributions to the Construction of Knowledge in Social Inclusion and Youth Policies
    SHS-2013/CONF.201/3 English / French / Spanish
  • MOST Intergovernmental Council; Consultation of National Commissions, MOST Liaison Committees, Academies and Social Science Communities on the Contribution of Social Science to Science, Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development
    SHS-2013/CONF.201/4 English / French / Spanish
  • Summary Report on the proceedings, conclusions and recommendations of the Eleventh Session of the Intergovernmental Council of the MOST Programme
    SHS-2013/CONF.201/5 English / French
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