Past Publications

MOST Discussion Papers

MOST Discussion Papers will publish research reports from specialists in the fields of scientific inquiry prioritized by MOST. These papers are prepared as part of the debates of the international scientific community on these questions.

MOST Policy Papers

MOST Policy Papers are designed according to a specific policy analysis methodology. A generic structure produces different types of documents from the same original content, and differentiates format and access in various modes so as to respond more efficiently to different types of information needs.

MOST Digital Library

The Digital Library hosts the Programme publications in a user-friendly environment. A multilingual search engine facilitates document search by keywords, subject categories, geographical locations and nature of the document. Abstracts of all the documents are available in English, French and Spanish.

International Social Science Journal

The ISSJ, founded by UNESCO in 1949, has been published as a quarterly review of international renown in English, French and Chinese ever since. It has been a bridge between diverse communities of social scientists, working in different disciplines around the world. It has provided a platform for debate on subjects of interest to an international readership, its articles being written by an equally international range of authors. The ISSJ has always had a particular interest in policy-relevant questions and interdisciplinary approaches. It has served as a forum for review, reflection and discussion, informed by the results of relevant research, rather than as an outlet of “first publication” for the results of individual research projects.

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