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The MOST Digital Library contains results from research carried out during the first ten years of the MOST Programme. The types of documents produced include: best practices, books, book reviews, city templates, discussion papers, journal reviews, reports, newsletters, policy papers and working papers.

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MOST Programme research has been carried out in all geographical regions and sometimes includes comparative studies between regions. The themes covered include Drugs, Globalization and Governance, International Migration, Multicultural Societies, Poverty Eradication, Social transformations, Sustainability, Urban Development and HIV/AIDS. You can use the Library to search for documents relating to one of these themes among others or geographical coverage.

Abstracts: In order to avoid having to wade through a pile of documents before finding the one you want, the MOST digital library offers a brief abstract of each document that identifies the key issues and arguments in a few lines. Abstracts, in English, French and Spanish, are easily accessible by clicking an abstracts icon (A) next to the document title.

Multilingual facilities: The database contains the documents in their original language (English, French or Spanish) and in translation if such a version exists. The search engine accepts key words in all of the languages. The abstracts are in all three languages for each document.

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