MOST Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)

The Scientific Advisory Committee (formerly “Scientific Steering Committee”) is made up of 6 experts, one for each region, and the Chairperson of the Intergovernmental Council (IGC) who attends in an ex officio capacity.

To give effect to the re-orientation of the MOST Programme decided in 2003 by the Member States, the SAC, in cooperation with the Intergovernmental Council Bureau, guides the Secretariat with regard to the quality and relevance of MOST projects as well as the expertise of researchers and other involved actors.

The SAC functions as a permanent committee. Its specific role is related to programme conceptualization, strategy development and scientific advisory research regarding MOST projects.

  • Mr Luk van Langenhove
    Curriculum Vitae [PDF, 56 KB]
    Director, Centre for Comparative Regional Integration Studies, United Nations University (UNU–CRIS)
    Brugge, Belgium
  • Ms Zdenka Mansfeldová
    Curriculum Vitae [PDF, 136 KB]
    Deputy Director
    Institute of Sociology
    Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
    Prague, Czech Republic
  • Mr Emir Sader
    Director, FLACSO, Brazil, and former Secretary-General, CLACSO
  • Mr Michael Woolcock
    Lead Social Development Specialist in the World Bank Development Research Group and Lecturer in Public Policy at Kennedy School of Government, Harvard
  • Ms Judi Wakhungu
    Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Water and Energy
  • Ms Fadia Kiwan
    Professor at the University of Saint-Joseph in Beirut and Director for the Political Science Institute and member of the Board to the United Nations University
  • Ex-officio member
    H.E. Dr. Alicia Kirchner
    Minister of Social Development, Argentina
    President of the MOST Intergovernmental Council
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