How can I join the Network?

Each and every woman working in the field of philosophy, or having ties with the world of philosophy, even if this through another discipline, can join the International Network of Women Philosophers. Teachers, researchers, professors, experts, journalists, writers, artists, etc... may join.

The Network is also open to women who are students and post-doctoral young researchers.

Becoming a member of the Network involves subscribing to all the values and ideals of UNESCO, as stated in the Organization’s Constitution. The Network is therefore open to all philosophical traditions and orientations that are geared towards the promotion of peace.

Joining the International Network of Women Philosophers assures the member's presence in the Network's database. Membership will thus bring greater visibility to the work, research, writings of women philosophers.

Since each woman philosopher is responsible for her own membership form, UNESCO cannot guarantee that the information made available to visitors of the website is accurate or up-to-date and is not responsible for the presence of any inaccurate and out-of-date information that may be found there.

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