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Through the International Network of Women Philosophers, UNESCO encourages the active participation of women philosophers in important philosophical debates on contemporary issues and their close involvement in important philosophical activities on national, regional and international levels.

This section of the website is conceived as a place to find information about what is currently going on in the philosophical world, both on the level of activities organized by UNESCO (meetings, conferences, symposia, colloquia, conferences, publications, etc.), on the level of other international events (annual sessions of major international philosophical institutions, major international conferences, etc.), or on the level of activities specifically organized by women philosophers throughout the world.

Here, everyone’s contribution is welcome in the perspective of updating and spreading information likely to be on interest to the philosophical community as well as the general public.

Please do not hesitate to write us at philosophy&, to bring any events, publications, useful links, educational opportunities, associations, new networks, etc… relating to philosophy to or attention and to spread the news on the Network's website.

More about philosophy at UNESCO

  • World Philosophy Day, Istanbul, Turkey. 22-23 November 2007
  • World Philosophy Day, UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, 14-15/30 November 2007
  • World Philosophy Day 2007 in the world
  • UNESCO Publication, Philosophy: A School of Freedom. Teaching philosophy and learning to philosophize: Status and prospects. Paris, UNESCO Publishing, 2007. 279 pages.

More about philosophy in the world

You will soon find in this section news provided by women philosophers of the Network about philosophy events, grants, fellowships, partnerships, etc.

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