Philosophical event to mark the publishing of the book "Philosophies d’ailleurs"

Edited by Roger-Pol Droit, UNESCO

Edited by Roger-Pol Droit, the two volumes of Philosophies d’ailleurs, published by Editions Hermann, were presented to the public, in the framework of World Philosophy Day, at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, on 10 November 2009.

The publication Philosophies d’ailleurs is a large philosophical multilingual anthology intended for beginners. The launch of this publication was an opportunity to discuss the capital importance of essential philosophical texts from great civilizations, such as the Indian, Chinese, Tibetan, Jewish, Arabic, Persian and Egyptian civilizations. The anthology follows the recommendations of Georges Canguilhem in his 1953 UNESCO publication, which states that it is ‘necessary to have serious volumes, which can be easily handled, with selections of philosophical texts of the main cultures.’

The event was co-organized by Philosophie Magazine, France Culture and the Éditions Hermann, in cooperation with UNESCO.

It was inaugurated by Pierre Sané, Assistant Director-General for Social and Human Sciences of UNESCO. Roger-Pol Droit set the tone of the event with an affirmation that “The West does not have the monopole of philosophy”.

A discussion on the topic “Who am I? How the philosophies from elsewhere shift this question” was animated by Alexandre Lacroix and Martin Legros from “Philosophie Magazine”, with the participation of Raphaël Draï (Hebrew philosophy), Serge Feneuille (Egyptian philosophy) ; Christian Jambet (Arab and Persian philosophies), Michel Hulin (Indian philosophy), Matthew Kapstein (Tibetan philosophy) and Qi Chong (Chinese philosophy). Jean Malaurie was the guest of honour.

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