17 November: Celebration of World Philosophy Day 2011

© Ruedi Baur - World Philosophy Day 2011 at UNESCO

© Ruedi Baur - World Philosophy Day 2011 at UNESCO

The World Philosophy Day 2011 took place on 17 November at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.

Within the framework of the celebration of this event, and in cooperation with academic institutions, civil society actors and other partners in the philosophical world, UNESCO provided philosophers, researchers, teachers and students as well as the general public with a wide variety of conferences on various subjects, such as the equitable sharing of scientific benefits, philosophical meanings of the political upheaval in the Arab world, the role and the place of women philosophers in the exercise of thinking, philosophical practices with children, philosophy and equal opportunities at school.

Throughout the World Philosophy Day 2011 at UNESCO Headquarters, the following events took place:

Other activities also took place: a book fair, cafés philo, philosophy workshops with children, exhibitions, the award of the 2010-2011 Prize of the French Federation of UNESCO Clubs (FFCU) Concours Philo and the launch the 2011-2012 edition. Celebrations were also organized by different actors in many countries around the world.

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