Intergovernmental Committee for Physical Education and Sport (CIGEPS)

What is CIGEPS?

The Intergovernmental Committee for Physical Education and Sport (CIGEPS) was established in 1978 to promote the role and value of sport and its inclusion in public policy. CIGEPS is comprised of expert representatives in the field of physical education and sport from 18 UNESCO Member States, each elected for a four year term. The Permanent Consultative Council (PCC), comprising key sport federations, UN agencies and NGOs, provides technical support and advice to the Committee.

What is the potential of CIGEPS?

Through CIGEPS, UNESCO has a unique ability to drive government action in the field of sport and physical education and to ensure the implementation of effective sport policies and programmes around the world. Due to its intergovernmental nature, CIGEPS has the potential to bring Member States together and to engage governments in coordinated international efforts to optimize the tangible socio-economic benefits of sport and physical education programmes and their potential to deliver a high return on investment. CIGEPS:

  • engages government representatives and the sports movement to drive international efforts in the area of sport and physical education
  • provides technical advice, commissions research and identifies good practices to develop policy recommendations
  • reinforces accountability of governments through the monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of policies
  • provides a platform for key decision-makers to exchange experiences.


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