Worldwide Survey - Quality Physical Education Indicators and Basic Needs Model

© UNESCO / J. Mott - Everyday physical exercice in school in Hanoi, Viet Nam

© UNESCO / J. Mott - Everyday physical exercice in school in Hanoi, Viet Nam

UNESCO is working with the North Western Counties Physical Education Association (NWCPEA) in the launch of a Worldwide Survey on the situation of Physical Education *  in schools. This initiative responds directly to a call from the States Member of the Intergovernmental Committee for Physical Education and Sport (CIGEPS). The survey will inform the development of:

  • International Indicators on Quality Physical Education (QPE);
  • International Indicators on Quality Physical Education Teacher Training (QPETT);
  • corresponding Basic Needs Models.

Previous Worldwide School Physical Education Surveys (Hardman & Marshall, 2000; and Hardman & Marshall, 2009) drew attention to a number of widespread concerns in physical education provision. Since this time levels of fitness among young people have continued to decline in contrast to rising levels of obesity amongst school children and high school drop-out rates from physical/sporting activity. These concerns persist with indications of further cut-backs in physical education curricula as a consequence of the global financial crisis.

To mitigate against this negative trend, it is imperative that the monitoring of developments in physical education across the world is maintained. Accordingly, UNESCO and the World Health Organization (WHO) have called for monitoring systems to be put into place to regularly review the situation of physical education in every country.

Purpose of the survey
The primary purpose of this Survey is to provide an overview of the situation of physical education in schools across the world. The evidence-based data will inform the development of benchmark indicators on Quality Physical Education (QPE) in schools and Quality Physical Education Teacher Training (QPETT) in provider institutions as well as a School Physical Education Basic Needs Model.

Structure of the survey
This part of the Survey comprises of a structured questionnaire, divided into seven key areas. Specifically, information will be sought on:

  • The general situation of physical education in schools (national level policy and practice-related issues in school physical education, legal status, responsible authority, curriculum time allocation);
  • The physical education curriculum (aims, themes, content activity areas, relevance and delivery quality issues, monitoring and quality assurance; existing QPE criteria; and gender and disability equity issues);
  • Resources (teaching personnel, facilities and equipment);
  • The physical education environment (school subject and physical education teacher status; and pathway links to physical education/sport activity in out-of-school settings);
  • Issues in provision (school physical education-related concerns or problems);
  • ‘Best practice’ examples in school physical education;
  • Basic needs for physical education.

We invite you to participate in this Survey and make an important contribution in policy advocacy at international, regional and national levels.

Download the questionnaire [PDF, 129 KB]

The questionnaire is also available in French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Russian.

How to return the questionnaire
Please send the completed questionnaire to:
Prof. K. Hardman
73 Old Road
SK13 1JY
United Kingdom

For any further details, please contact:

* The term physical education includes the terms  “physical culture”, “movement”, “human motricity”, “school sport” etc., and refers to a structured period of directed physical activity in school curricular contexts.

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