Key Themes - MINEPS V

CIGEPS approved the following main themes for MINEPS V:

  • Commission I: Access to sport as a fundamental right for all

    This Commission considered strategies and policies that enhance the participation rates of women and girls as well as persons with disabilities in sport, specifically in view of updating the 1978 International Charter of Physical Education and Sport.
  • Commission II: Promoting public investment in physical education and sport programmes

    The adoption of universal indicators on quality physical education and sport and an economic analysis about the valuable contributions that physical activity and sport make to social and economic development were considered by this Commission. The Commission also looked at guidelines to reduce negative social and environmental consequences of organizing mega events such as the Olympic Games, the Football World Cup or regional final competitions.
  • Commission III: Preserving the integrity of sport

    This Commission looked at policy and regulatory mechanism particularly to address issues of corruption, illegal betting in sport.

The delegates adopted an action-oriented final declaration with recommendations concerning crucial sport issues around the world.

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