12.01.2010 - UNESCO Social and Human Sciences

Clint Eastwood talks to UNESCO about the values of sport for peace

Message from Clint Eastwood for the French premiere of Invictus, hosted at UNESCO January 11, 2010

I am particularly pleased with the screening of my latest movie Invictus, at UNESCO Headquarters, as it is an ideal place to show this film which means so much to me. Not only due to the unique personality of Nelson Mandela, and through the playing of sport (in this instance rugby but it could be any sport), but especially due to the links which sport can establish between communities, races, nations and political systems.

Alas, is sport not more often manipulated by commercialism nowadays? As is the same case with cinema, starting with Hollywood. Even I, shielded by the special status my movies may have given me, often find it difficult to carry out certain projects.

Therefore I am glad to say, to the audience gathered here tonight, that this projection at UNESCO is really heartwarming.

Enjoy the screening,

Clint Eastwood 

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