Del olvido a la mémoria, 1: Africanos y afromestizos en la historia colonial de Centroamérica

The first volume of the collection “Del olvido a la memoria” deals with the arrival of Africans and afro-descendants to Central America as from the times of the Spanish conquer.

Back then, Spain itself was embracing strong migration fluxes, displaying a wide ethnic diversity: Arabs, Syrians, English, French and Africans. The collection hence starts off questioning the meaning of the word “white”, which was used as a synonym of Spaniard, shading though a much more complex reality.A team of Central American historians carried out this investigation work, under the coordination of the University of Costa Rica and the support of UNESCO San José. They worked on recreating the time of the conquer of the “new world”, when mulatos and blacks arrived as free individuals. It is also conveyed the way in which important monuments, as the cathedral of Leon in Nicaragua and that of Antigua in Guatemala, were designed by black or mulato architects.

  • Author(s): Cáceres Gómez, Rina, San José, Costa Rica, Oficina Regional de la UNESCO para Centroamérica y Panamá, 2008, 104p 
  • Publication Date: 18-09-2009
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