Del olvido a la mémoria, 2: Esclavitud, resistencia y cultura

The second volume of the collection “Del Olvido a la memoria” tackles the topic of slavery and the conditions of life of those Africans who were forcefully brought to Central America during the period of the Spanish colonization.

A team of Central American historians carried out this investigation work, under the coordination of the University of Costa Rica and the support of UNESCO San José. The book reports episodes of fights for freedom, ranging from maroons movement during the XVI century -which kneeled trade flows across the panama isthmus-, to modest stories of anonymous representatives of civil society, silently displaying examples of human solidarity, like slave mothers who used to give birth to their child over night, giving them to the neighbours so to have them brought up as free persons.

  • Author(s): Cáceres Gómez, Rina, San José, Costa Rica, Oficina Regional de la UNESCO para Centroamérica y Panamá, 2008, 72p 
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