Contribution of the African Diaspora

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The slave trade led to the deportation and enslavement of millions of Africans in different parts of the world. These men and women, uprooted violently from their lands, drew on the resources of their cultures to survive the dehumanization wrought by slavery.

Although African influences in the arts, especially music, dance and religion, are now recognized, the knowledge and skills transferred from Africa to the rest of the world is still largely underestimated.

By disseminating knowledge about the contribution of the African diaspora, the project aims to improve knowledge of Africa’s contributions to the construction and transformation of contemporary societies.

In its endeavour to throw light on the intercultural dialogue between Africa and the other regions of the world and on the resistance, creativity and resilience of the African peoples and their descendants, the project also assists the African Union in its efforts to strengthen ties between Africa and its diaspora.

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