International Seminar on the management of slavery sites of memory

National Museum in Brasilia (Brzil). (c) Palmares Foundation, Brazil.

The Palmares Cultural Foundation together with the UNESCO Slave Route Project hold from the 20th to the 23rd of August 2012 in Brasilia (Brazil), an international seminar entitled "Heritage, Identity and Culture: management of sites and places of memory related to the slave trade and slavery" which brought together experts in charge of the most significant sites and places of memory linked to this tragedy.

As a result of the variety of actors represented (political decision makers, site managers, museum directors, local community representatives, the World Tourism Organization, the private sector, etc.), the seminar resulted in the creation of a detailed inventory of field experiences, shared best practices and identified constraints and challenges to tourism memory.


The most important outcomes were the creation of the first international network of managers of sites and itineraries of memory related to the slave trade and slavery and guidelines for the elaboration of a guide and training modules to reinforce the capacity managers and places of memory.

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