Promotion of Living Cultures


The slave trade led to a frontal encounter between the peoples of Africa, America, Asia and Europe. The exchanges that ensued under extreme circumstances, created a momentum that led to profound changes in the geographical areas concerned.

The commingling of customs, languages, cultures, religions and forms of behaviour all conduced to the emergence of new forms of cultural, artistic and spiritual expressions. The project supports action to enhance these living cultures.

It emphasizes the less well-known aspects of these reciprocal influences and thus enhances understanding of the new cultural codes and

artistic expressions stemming from the dialogue between Africans and the other peoples encountered on the various slave routes.

Special attention should be paid to the modalities of this intercultural process, which transcended space and time as well as racial prejudice, to enhance understanding of the ways in which the identities and citizenship of modern societies were constructed.

By giving its support and granting its label for the staging of major cultural events such as music and film festivals and commemorative events, the Slave Route Project seeks to enhance this common heritage and thus raise its profile.

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